Meme Day 17: Favorite Trilogy or Tetralogy

What is your favorite trilogy or tetralogy in books?  What is your favorite trilogy or tetralogy in movies?

This one should be pretty easy in both books and movies.  It was harder for me to think of movies that had more than 3 or 4 movies in a series because most movies only come out with a few and not a series of movies with 5 or more…I hope that made sense (if it did not, forgive me it is a Monday!)

For this one I’m going with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga.  I loved the books!  I read them so fast and enjoyed them all…(except Bella not being able to just decide who the hell she wanted to be with) anyways…I did not like the movies as well.  I will watch them because they remind me of the books but they just weren’t as good.  Some of the characters were NOTHING like I thought of them in the books in the way they talked or their mannerisms (like Edward always looking like he is smelling a really bad fart).  Now I’m talking about movies when I’m trying to talk about books…I enjoyed Stephanie’s writing style, she gave enough detail for me to imagine it but not so much that my imagination couldn’t work on it’s own.  I really enjoy when an author can get their point across but let my over-active imagination run wild, Stephanie does that for me! 

Runners Up: The Scandal Series by Delilah Marvelle

Hands down: THE LORD OF THE RINGS!  I LOVE these movies!  I went and saw all of them in theaters, multiple times, and then received the set of DVD’s for Christmas as soon as they were released in a box set.  I have watched them all OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!  LOL.  I love the acting, the characters, the action, how the directors and writers and everyone really brought the stories to life and made it feel so real.  I loved how we are introduced to some very fun fantasy creatures.  I LOVE LEGOLAS!  So yeah, this would definitely be my favorite trilogy in the movie category!

Runners Up: Underworld, Back to the Future, The Matrix, The Santa Clause, Star Wars (the ORIGINALS), Superman, Batman ( 89-97 Series), and The Pirates of the Caribbean

6 responses to “Meme Day 17: Favorite Trilogy or Tetralogy

  1. Oooh great one hon. Man this is a hard one, but I will try.

    Favorite trilogy/tetralogy (book):
    The Maker’s Song series by Adrian Phoenix.

    I love the characters of these books. Dante is one of the hottest vampires ever. The books are very tragic and intense, but full of suspense and complexity. They really keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Favorite trilogy/tetralogy (movies):
    Lord of the Rings

    So with you hon. Lord of the Rings was such a great trilogy. Unfortunately I didn’t become an avid reader until way after the movies and haven’t had the chance to read the books. But I can’t wait to start them. I have seen all of them twice (third one three times in the theater) and own them (even have the first one on VHS LOL!) I loved Legolas, but I am more of an Aragorn girl LOL!

    • OMG! I have the first one on VHS and I went and saw all of them in Theaters. The first one I saw twice, the second and third I saw 3 times each in the theaters! Now that is just crazy! Aragorn is very hot but I don’t know what it is about Legolas…plus it’s orlando bloom and I have always found him attractive! Rwar! I have heard a lot about Adrian Phoenix and I really need to look into her work!

  2. Well I like Maria V. Snyder’s Study series, but the first book was my favorite. Baz Luhrmann’s first three films are called “The Red Curtain Trilogy,” so that counts, right? I have fond memories of Lord of the Rings too. They came out around Christmas time every year so I would go see them with my cousins that I hadn’t seen all year. My friend has a Legolas action figure.

    • I would say that The Red Curtain Trilogy counts! I haven’t heard of either book or movie trilogy you mentioned….I’ll have to look into them! I love the Legolas action figure, it makes me giggle. 😀

  3. Movies – Lord of the Ring for sure. And I’m sure there’s something else but like it’s coming to me at the moment. *sigh*
    Books – Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, Disillusionists by Carolyn Crane (there are only 2 books so far but it’ one of my most favorite series and I know the third and final book is going to be amazing), the Jane Jameson series by Molly Harper and the Study series by Maria V. Snyder.

    • Man, you just give me more and more ideas! I can’t wait to go through all the comments and get all of the books, movies and series that you all have mentioned and make sure to put them on a list to start working through! So much fun. 😀

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