Meme Day 20: Favorite Kiss or Love Scene

Favorite kiss or love scene in a book? Favorite kiss or love scene in a movie?

I don’t think this one needs much explanation, do you ladies??!!  LOL.  So just dig in and tell me your favorite kiss and/or love scene in a book and your favorite kiss and/or love scene in a movie.

There are several good kiss and love scenes out there in novels my favorite love scene is between Tristan and Zosia in the carriage when they finally just let go and get it on…it was really very hot!  Delilah Marvelle has a way with love scenes and you find amazing love scenes in all of her books but this one was definitely my favorite!

Favorite kiss scene in a book…when Bones and Cat finally start making out all hot and heavy in the club.  They were supposed to be there for work but some dancing and sexual tension brought them to being shoved up against each other making out and Bones wanting to forget about the job and take her home to have his way with her…then it was over when the person they were aiming for showed up at the club…damn! Still a very hot scene…

One of my favorite love scenes from a movie is in The Notebook.  Now for all of you ladies out there who have seen this movie you should know which one I’m talking about!  The main couple is finally reunited and that spark is lit which leads to a huge bomb going off…rain and sexual tension really lead to amazing lovin!  This is one of my favorite movies and if you like love stories you should really check it out!

There are lots of awesome kissing scenes out there all the way from sweet and sensual to hot and heavy but one of my favorite kissing scenes happens in the movie Never Been Kissed.  It’s the very last scene of the movie and it’s just sweet! I have always liked with the guy holds the girls face while kissing her…I guess to me it symbolizes that he cherishes her and that happens in this movie.  Of course the whole story line really brings you the emotional attachment to the characters which probably makes you love it that much more.  If you haven’t seen this movie either you should really watch it!  It’s a great movie!

What are some of your favorite kissing scenes in a book or movie? What about favorite love scenes in a book or movie? Remember, you don’t have to stick to just one just let us know which ones and why…give us a reason to want to check them out. 😀


2 responses to “Meme Day 20: Favorite Kiss or Love Scene

  1. Oooo Never Been Kissed is a good one. As is the Notebook! I would have to go with those two as well!
    Books…the ‘usual suspects’ for sure. Meaning Chapter 32 in One Foot in the Grave, Chapter 8 in Twice Bitten and Chapter 4 in Dreamfever. One of the most memorable for me is the bathroom scene between Jane and Vishous in Lover Unbound. Holy cow that is one h-o-t scene! And then there are all of the scenes where the tortured hero thinks he is too good for the heroine but she takes him under her wing and they ‘fly’ together. I’m a sucker for those. 😉

    • Haha, out of everyone I knew you would be able to think of several love scenes to mention! 🙂 I would agree on your mention of One Foot in the Grave and Chapter 4 in Dreamfever…those were both AWESOME! Glad to see I’m not alone in mentioning Never Been Kissed and The Notebook.

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