Dead and Gone Discussion (Sookie Stackhouse #9)

*SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read the Sookie Stackhouse Series or this book in particular do not continue to read this post. We will be discussing the book in-depth and will giveaway the whole plot*

Welcome back to Jen and I’s lovely discussion of the Sookie Stackhouse series!  Can you believe it, we only have one more discussion before the release of book 11?!?!?!  I know I can’t believe it, the time has gone by so fast!  Enough of the intros, lets get down to business…

If you were unable to reread the book you can go HERE to get wikipedia’s plot summary to refresh your mind on the major events that occur in this book.

**Remember, you do NOT have to answer all of the questions below. The questions provided are to help you refresh your memory of certain events that occurred as well as help the discussion along.  If you have thoughts on all the questions go ahead and answer them, if you have questions that are not listed below go ahead and ask them, this is a fun open discussion to see what other peoples thought and interpretations were during different events of the book.**


1. The big shifter and were reveal occurred and some people took it better than others. Were you surprised at how most people took it well? How did you feel about Arlene’s reaction? What about Sam’s Mom getting shot? (pg 8-17)
2. What were your thoughts on Eric tricking Sookie into giving him the ceremonial knife and now being “married” to him? (pg 35-41) What about Sam’s reaction when Sookie told him about it? (pg 95-96) Tara did a good job summarizing and giving her thoughts on this topic, do you think she was right? (pg 98-99)
3. We all knew that Sookie and Barry might be sought by the police after their performance at the bombing but were you shocked with the FBI showed up at her door? Did you know what they were there for from the very start or were you as confused as Sookie? (pg 45-49)
4. How did you react when Crystal was found killed and crucified in Merlotte’s parking lot? (pg 56)
5. Eric finally gave us more of a glimpse into his past before becoming a vampire. Do you have any thoughts or reactions to this? (pg 80-84)
6. So there are fairies who don’t like Niall and don’t like humans that have fairy blood and there is an evil half-fairy out there who looks just like Jason (pg 133-136). Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Shortly after the meeting with Claude and Claudine Sookie is approached by a fairy who she kills (pg 139-140). Any thoughts on the fairy war and Sookie’s killing?
7. Quinn showed up after Eric forbid him from coming into his area. What were your thoughts on the exchange between Quinn and Sookie and what about Bill’s sudden appearance? (pg 150-153)
8. Chapter 10 was a mix of emotions between Sookie and Eric. We know that they have a blood bond, we know they enjoy having sex with each other, we know they can talk very openly with each other and that they tell each other the truth (mostly) yet Sookie still feels apprehensive about her true feelings towards Eric. What were you thinking during this part? Do you think she might actually love him or do you think that their bond is really clouding up her feelings?
9. Jason wants Sookie to just forgive him and be fine with him again…do you think Sookie is being to hard on him or do you think she has every right to stay mad at him? (pg 172)
10. Starting at page 175 Arlene calls Sookie pretending to want to be friends again.  When Sookie goes to see Arlene she finds out that Arlene is really helping plan Sookie’s murder with her fellowship groupies. Were you shocked by Arlene’s complete change in feelings toward Sookie to actually want her dead?
11. We find out what part Mel, Jason’s new best friend, played in what happened to Crystal and his big confession over being in love with Jason, were you shocked but this revelation or had you figured it out prior to it being told to us? (pg 237-242)
12. Starting at chapter 15 several events start to unravel:
We find out the true killers of Crystal. We find out that Sookie’s parents were murdered they didn’t die in a freak accident. The fairies Sookie refers to as One and Two torture her almost to death before Bill and Niall rescue here. Eric comes and gives Sookie blood so she can heal enough to move. The fairy war occurs with the death of all the enemies of Niall and Clancy and Trey Dawson. Did you have any particular thoughts about any of the events above or of anything else that happened during these parts?

13. Ok, what were your thoughts on finding out Claudine was pregnant on page 266 and then a little over 10 pages later you find out she has been killed???!!!
14. How do you feel about Niall’s goodbye and his decision to shut of the portals between the fairy world and earth? (pg 284-289)
15. Which vampire do you think Niall was talking about when he stated, “The vampire is not a bad man, and he loves you”? Was it Bill or Eric??? (pg 288)

Now lets get to discussion this very eventful book! 🙂


48 responses to “Dead and Gone Discussion (Sookie Stackhouse #9)

  1. 1. I think with the vampires already being out a lot of the human population had started to suspect that if vamps were real then maybe some of those other supernatural creatures were also real. I’m sure they were all very shocked to find out that what they had suspected was right but I think a lot of them took it very well. Arlene’s reaction just made me hate her that much more! I really loved Arlene at the beginning of this series but now, not so much (of course I’m jumping ahead a bit…). I think that what happened to Sam’s Mom was terrible! I can’t even imagine being in love with someone and feeling betrayed because they never revealed their true nature, but I honestly don’t think I would have shot my husband over it…well I hope I wouldn’t.

    • I think the Were/Shifter reveal went waay better than the Vamp reveal. I think I expected a little more upheavel. I hate what happened to Sam’s Mom. I agree with you that there’d be hurt feelings and what not but, shooting the person you supposedly love is a bit drastic, no?

    • That was my thinking. Since there were vamps first, they had to know there were more out there. So I wasn’t all that surprised. Arlene didn’t surprise me that much because she is the dumbest and most gullible woman ever, but it did make me hate her more as well. Sam’s mom getting shot was a definite shocker. I know it would be a shocker and a lot to get over, but you already love that person and they didn’t really do anything wrong. But that reaction is definitely the reason why they took so long and she got the worse of it 😦

  2. 2. I can’t say that I was completely shocked with Eric tricking Sookie into giving him the knife to show that they were now “married” and I understand he did it to protect her but I wish he would have talked it over with her first so that she would have known about it. I’m sure if he explained that if she didn’t do it that the King would make her go to Nevada and work for him that she would have picked the lesser of two evils just like she did with the blood exchange and having to pick between Andre or Eric. Now Sam’s reaction was a bit overkill but I understand where he is coming from. Sookie just blurted out that she was now married to Eric and expected to just be able to walk away after that. Sam had so much crap happening that I think this was the straw that broke the camels back, of course I think he could have talked to her better instead of just telling her that she was stupid. Tara is awesome, I love how upfront she is and how she is good at dumbing down the situation and getting to the point. I am glad her explination and advise helped Sookie out.

    • That whole ceremonial knife thing is just so typical of Eric. I don’t think I was shocked when I first read it and it really just goes to show that the guy’s got an agenda. Yeah, yeah I know he did it to “protect” her but, he could’ve given her a heads up. I think if I was Sam I would’ve reacted the same way. I mean who walks in on someone and mentions they’re married and expects no response from the person they’re dropping the bomb on?

    • I wasn’t all that shocked either. But giving her a heads up definitely would have been a little better. Sam’s reaction was expected and necessary. Sookie knows of Sam’s feelings for her and the way she tells him was just wrong. I wanted to slap the hell out of her. You got to love Tara, Sookie is lucky to have a friend who lays it out like it is.

  3. 3. When the FBI showed up to Sookie’s front door I had no clue what they were there for. I couldn’t believe they had tracked her down from the bombing in Rhodes and I was really worried for Sookie. I’m glad that she really held out and didn’t tell them who Barry was but it still sucked that they knew who she was. I guess Crystal’s death came at a good time in this since it got them off of Sookie’s back but the murder was still terrible.

    • I’m not surprised that the FBI ended up at her door. I wasn’t sure what they were there for but, random people showing up on her doorstep no longer shocks me. I think that says a lot about poor Sook’s life, no?

    • I knew it was a matter of time before the FBI showed up at Sookie’s doorstep, but I didn’t know why they were there. Given all that Sookie has done and/or seen, I knew it was from any number of things LOL! But Sookie worked well against them, she was very smart about it. I would have cracked under the pressure LOL!

  4. 4. I was completely blindsided when we found out that Crystal had been murdered. I just couldn’t imagine anyone doing that to a pregnant woman. I remember reading that and knowing that even though I did not like Crystal at all I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated the way that she was in her final moments.

    • Okay so I figured something bad would happen to her eventually since she was such an ass but, I never thought it would happen to her while she was pregnant. That sucked BIG TIME. That was just harsh Charlaine Harris!

    • I was shocked by how and when it happened. But given the person she was, I knew she would have been taken out eventually. But like that and while pregnant? Very, very brutal. So with you Jen, that was harsh Harris 😦

  5. 5. I thought it was very nice to hear more about Eric’s past, I think it made him more real and made the readers be able to bond with him more. Being maried and having 6 kids really shocked me…well the kids part. It gave him more of a personal feel instead of just big, bad, sexy vampire.

    • Okay so learning about his past made me dislike him a tiny bit less. I agree with you about being shocked about the kids. He doesn’t seem like the kid type.

    • I agree with you guys. Definitely shocked. Eric with kids is very unimaginable LOL! I know he has a heart deep, deep, deep down, but daddy Eric just feels wrong somehow LOL! But it is true, knowing that he had that side of him made him more likable.

  6. 6. When all the information comes out about the fairy war and Niall’s enemies I just couldn’t help but feel bad for Sookie once again. Everytime she thinks her life is getting a bit better something terrible has to go down. I mean she is excited to find out about having more relatives and then all they bring is more hurt and stress. I was so happy that Sookie reacted the way she did to kill the fairy that snuck up behind her and I’m sure it’s not easy to kill someone but I really thought she would have been able to stomach it a bit better than she did after all the other crap she’s been through the past 8 books.

    • I’ve gotten used to the fact that when something good happens to our girl something bad happens right after. I knew when Niall decided to make an appearance that eventually it would impact Sook negatively.

    • Agreed. Even after all she has seen, once it came time for her to defend herself, I thought she would have reacted a little better. But that just goes to show just how different she is and how the vamp world has not influenced her at all. But I knew the war would eventually happen. It makes sense that some of them wouldn’t want a human walking around with their blood in them, even though that is a dumb reason to start a war over.

  7. 7. I feel like this exchange between Quinn and Sookie was our way of understanding that Quinn and Sookie are over for good. I don’t think he’s in her radar of prospects in the dating department. I thought it was unfair for him to compare her relationship with him to that of Sam, Bill and Eric. I guess the main one being Sam since they have never been romantically involved. I can understand Quinn feeling like Sookie is asking him to pick between her or his family but I know that Sookie isn’t trying to do that, she just wants him to put his family first and no be with her. Bill’s sudden appearence and reaction just made me feel like he was reconfirming to her that he does love her and wants another chance, a fact he’s been trying to show her the last several books.

    • *sigh* Must you remind me of this scene. *lowers head and kicks rocks*

      • Tell me about it. I hated this. I understand where Sookie’s coming from, but out of all the guys she has been with, Quinn is the only one who hasn’t used her in any way for his personal gain. I just think that not enough things were fixed between them. They didn’t talk this through because if they did, I think things would have been different. Bill just got on my nerves when he showed up. I mean jeez, she just broke up with someone and she is “married” now, how much do you want to put on her plate?

  8. 8. I honestly think that Sookie loves Eric and I think that the blood bond just intensifies their feelings for each other. I don’t think that the blood bond is clouding up their feelings for each other. I think Eric has completely remembered what happened in book 4 and I think that cleared his mind to understand that he loves Sookie and wants her to be his. Sookie just needs to admit that she has stronger feelings for him than just the damn blood bond.

    • Meh….Eric’s not my favorite so I don’t mind that she thinks her feelings are based on their blood bond. What?! Hey stop throwing stuff at me!

    • Eric has had feelings for her even before the blood bond, but I am with you Deanna, I think he remembers everything from book 4. That is what is pushing him. I won’t throw anything at you Jen LOL!, Quinn is my favorite, but I don’t hate Eric. He just makes himself suspicious all the time LOL

  9. 9. Oh Jason, Jason, Jason…I would be pissed at him after everything he has put Sookie through. She has been nothing but there for him through all of his ups and downs and screw ups and the fact that he couldn’t punish Calvin in the last book for Crystal’s cheating and he made Sookie do it I think that she has every right to not want to forgive him yet. Jason is just used to things coming so easily that this new life has been hard for him to adjust to but he’s just got to deal with it in my opinion.

    • Amen sister. A little hard work and groveling is not going to kill him. I don’t know that I could ever forgive him.

    • I agree with you guys. Jason is a boy stuck in a man’s body. He wants everyone to fight his battles for him and the fact that he tricks Sookie into doing? Yes, Sookie should stay mad at him. I would stay mad until he actually becomes a worthy brother.

  10. 10. I could’t believe Arlene would really do something like this to Sookie. They were best friends (well mainly Sookie was there for Arlene) only a few years ago and Sookie was constantly helping Arlene with her kids and her house. Now Arlene is so brainwashed by the FofTS that she is willing to kill Sookie. How could someone do that?! This is about the point I wanted to jump through the book and beat Arlene to death…yes violent I know, but she deserves it! 😛 I can’t even describe what when through my head during this part, I just know it still irritates the HELL out of me!

    • I will help you distribute this ass whooping D. WTF was this dumb broad thinking?!?!

    • Man I will never get over this part. I hated Arlene from before, but this was too much. I am so with you guys, we all all will take her out. But Jen, we know Arlene is dumb and lets any male influence drive her thinking. I think she was interested in one of those guys and that is how it all started. Wouldn’t be the first time. I will never understand being someone’s best friend, having watch and care for your kids while you go out and party and still turn around and want to kill them just because you don’t like who they are with. Since that is Arlene’s case, Sookie would have every right to kill Arlene after what Rene did to her. Bet you Arlene would see things differently if someone pointed that out to her.

  11. 11. I was completely shocked when Mel confessed to hitting Crystal and thinking he had killed her AND wanting her to be dead. This one completely blindsided me. I also had no clue whatsoever that he was gay. I didn’t know why he didn’t live at Hotshot but I know it wasn’t that. I also loved how dumb Jason was during this part not figuring out the connection from Mel being gay to Mel loving him.

    • Oh Jason. The guy’s a numb nuts I swear. I was also shocked about Mel’s confession.

    • I was shocked as hell. But more shocked that Mel risked his life for Jason? Jason?! Seriously? Sorry Mel, but he isn’t worth it. I felt sort of bad for him because he was looking out for Jason. I mean Crystal is the mega-bitch, but Mel really went about it all the wrong way. Along with also killing Jason’s unborn kid (well probably wasn’t his, but not the point)? That is beyond wrong.

  12. 12. This part was a classic Harris ending…it’s a rush of crazy events till the end. You don’t get any breaks between big things occuring and the conclusion of the book. The war didn’t last long but I was VERY VERY sad that Trey had to die. I coulnd’t believe it, why him?! I think this confirmed again Eric’s feelings for Sookie when he got so pissed at seeing her injuries but I think it also confirmed Bill’s true feelings for her too. I couldn’t believe that Niall didn’t even make it to the war until it was basically over. I was horrified at how much Sookie was tourtured before being rescued and just all around this part had to be read slowly by me so I caught everything that was occuring…this leads to the next question that I have so very VERY VERY VERY upset about!

    • That whole torture scene killed me. Sook must have been a really horrible person in a past life to have to endure everything she has. When will enough be enough. For the love of Pete!!

    • It was classic Harris indeed. Sookie being tortured by fairies was random and creepy as hell. I really thought the war would have lasted longer, at least I would have liked it more if it did. I couldn’t believe Trey died out of this so quickly. Again random as hell and we barely got the chance to know him. I just didn’t see the point. But I was happy Eric saved Sookie, so with you Deanna, this showed how much he loves her.

  13. 13. Claudine’s death…yes the part that made me take this book from a 4.5 star down to a 3. I love Claudine! She was an awesome friend to Sookie, she adored Sookie and always watched over her. You get so excited that she is pregnant and you can tell she is excited about it too. We all know the fairies have very low fertility so for her to be pregnant and help continue the race along is awesome. She leaves the room when Eric enters and about 12 pages later she is dead. Ashley I know you’re going to talk about this too…why couldn’t Charlaine at least give Claudine a glorious death?! I mean, all we get to know she is dead is a knitting needle stuck in a fairy and blood on a sword. Why even tell us Claudine is pregnant just to kill her off? I would have been very upset to begin with just having Claudine die…it was like adding salt to a wound already soaked in rubbing alcohol. I just don’t get the point…any thoughts on why Harris did this??

    • Because Charlaine enjoys kicking us in the proverbial nads and making us drop to our knees!

      I think I cried the first time I read about her death. I thought it was so unfriggin’ fair. I’m guessing she uses her death as a reason for why Niall decides to close the ports. What do you think?

      • I like that point Jen, maybe that is why Harris put it in there. It was a way for Niall to close the ports. So with you Deanna, that was my exact thinking, why even bother telling us she is pregnant when she is about to die. That was definitely the biggest kick to the lady balls. Indeed, why the hell wasn’t she given a glorious fight? I mean getting killed while your knitting is definitely not the way anyone, human or otherwise, wants to be remembered as. This, just like Trey, was a useless and unnecessary death in my opinion. Harris could have thought of some other excuse to close the ports 😦

  14. 14. I thought it was nice that Niall at least said good-bye to Sookie before leaving and I’m glad he at least talked to Jason. I have mixed feelings about him shutting the ports off so he will never see Sookie again.. I mean I think it is safer for Sookie and the rest of the human population to keep Fairies in their native land but I also feel so bad for her because Niall was only in her life for a glimpse of time and then he’s gone. She finally felt like she had more family, and we all know how important family is to her, and now they are going to be gone (unless Claude decides to stay in the human world).

    • Although it sucks I think it’s what’s best for her. It’s one less supe she has to worry about coming after her or her family and friends.

    • I liked that he said goodbye as well. But I am with Sookie at what she said at this point. What was the point in the war over the ports being open if you still decide to close them just like what they were killing people for? It could have been avoided. Nonetheless, it was nice that Sookie has a relative that actually cares about her and cares for the human race which is why he closed the ports. I like that he did, I just wish he decided it before the bloodshed.

  15. 15. This one is a tricky question. I feel about as lost as Sookie does here. I do think both Eric and Bill love Sookie so it’s hard to decide which one Niall is talking about. The first time I read this book I definitely thought he was talking about Bill. I really liked Bill when I read the books the first time and I always had a secrete hope that they would get back together. This time around I still think he could be talking about Bill but now I lean towards Eric because Eric announced to Niall that Sookie was his and he would be taking care of her and taking her home. I think that exchange between Eric and Niall really showed Niall that Eric loves her. But of course Bill, even though he was dying, placed himself infront of Sookie trying to protect her to his death… So I’m kind of on the fence, any thoughts??!!

    • I think the first time I read it I felt he was referring to Bill and this time around I still feel the same way. I don’t know why but, that’s the general impression I get.

    • Dammit I hated that. I still don’t know. I would say Eric because Eric did make himself known to Niall, then again we don’t know if Bill said anything to him. But I want to assume Eric since Niall knows Sookie is with him and since Niall is also a telepath, he probably knows about Sookie’s uncertainty toward Eric and the bond.

  16. Karla Vollkopf

    I think the bond between Eric and Sookie is clouding up her judgement a bit… but she must have feelings for him. And I’m really enjoying this development! 🙂
    I also think Niall was referring to Eric… but maybe that’s just my wishful thinking. LOL

    • Yeah I think the bond could be clouding up her judgement it’s really hard to decide for me. I go back and forth on this ALL THE TIME! I wonder if we’ll ever find out who Niall was referring to. 🙂

  17. I love this series but this particular book felt like a “call in.” I really want Sookie to take more control of her future. She’s always getting caught in vamp/shifter politics and getting hurt in someway. You;d think if everyone “loved” her as much as they claim they would stop dragging her into things. I don’t know. I think this series is coming to an end for me.

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