Meme Day 22: Most Shocking Ending/Climax

What is your favorite ending or climax in a book? What is your favorite ending or climax in a movie? Changed to: Most Shocking Ending/Climax in a book or movie?

This is a hard one for me. It’s hard to narrow down to only one favorite ending or climax in a book or movie especially with so many to chose from. So now that I’ve thought about this a little bit I have decided that I’m going to do the MOST SHOCKING ending/climax in a book and a movie. This is for any movie or book that I had watched or read that completely took me off gaurd and I had no clue “that would happen”…

For the most shocking book ending that I’ve read recently I would have to say Dreamfever.  Well and probably Faefever both by Karen Marie Moning.  I have not read many books that leave you with a cliff hanger and KMM does a great job of that with her books.  I couldn’t believe how Dreamfever ended and I would have really hated to have read it when it was first released because having to wait a few weeks for Shadowfevers release drove me crazy!

So I’m going endings with both of mine.  The Sixth Sense was a great movie (anyone notice why I might really like this movie?!).  I had no idea how this movie was going to end.  I loved this movie and how I couldn’t figure out the end to save my life and until it was revealed to me.  This is one of those movies that you have to watch it twice, the first time you see the ending and the second time you see all the clues along the way where you should have figured out the ending.  I love movies like this and if you do too you really should watch this one if you haven’t seen it yet!

Runner Ups: Gothika, The Book of Eli, and Salt

Do you have a favorite ending/climax in a book? What about a most shocking ending/climax in a book?  Do you have a favorite movie ending/climax or a most shocking ending/climax?

9 responses to “Meme Day 22: Most Shocking Ending/Climax

  1. Dreamfever is Hands Down the best/worst one. Hands Down! The ending to Carolyn Crane’s Double Cross is also quite ‘OMG!’
    Movie – no clue. I’ve never seen Sixth Sense. I actually usually stay away from movies that have mean endings. lol

    • Well I can tell you the ending isn’t mean at all, you just don’t see it coming at all. It’s one that you are thinking, “No way! That can’t be the truth.” Then when you go back and watch it you see all these little clues that you completely overlooked the first time. It’s a great movie!

  2. I agree with both things you picked! I don’t tend to read much UF and I think it’s because the fever series had such cliff hangers and such and oh Donnie Darko was also a bit eh?! for me the first time I saw it. 🙂

    • I haven’t seen Donnie Darko but I’ve heard about it…maybe I should watch it. Glad to see you are a Sixth Sense watcher, it really is a fantastic movie. 🙂 Oh and I don’t mind cliff hangers in books IF, and only IF, I have the next book in the series waiting for me or releasing in a few weeks after I finish it. I hate waiting around for a year or more to find out what happens next!

  3. Oh man this is a hard one. But I will try.

    Best Book ending:
    Dreamfever – I agree, it is one of my favorite series and the ending of book 4 had my screaming and on the verge of losing my mind. Still gives me chills even though Shadowfever cleared things up LOL!

    Best Movie Ending:
    Fight Club or Usual Suspects – Both movies had some great endings that I didn’t see coming and left my mouth wide open. I loved the ending to The Sixth Sense as well. Up til now I keep expecting to see something else, Who would have known?! LOL!

    • Fight club did have a good ending…I don’t think I’ve seen the Usual Suspects…maybe it sounds familiar because you’ve mentioned it in this meme before?! Yeah The Sixth Sense blew my mind…I couldn’t believe that I didn’t figure out the ending before it was spelled out for us.

      • Love the Fight Club. You can watch it over and over again and still can’t see the signs LOL! Have I mentioned the Usual Suspects? I don’t remember. Nonetheless, it is great. Hard to pass up the greatness of Kevin Spacey. Love the Sixth Sense, so many scenes that are worth remembering up to this day. M. Night hasn’t made a film nearly as incredible as this, I wish he would though. Man I want to watch it again right now LOL

  4. I agree with Diana on Usual Suspects. That movie was bad ass!

    I agree with everyone else on Dreamfever. Cuh-ray-zee!!

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