Meme Day 23: Most Annoying Character

What is the most annoying character for you in a book?  What is the most annoying character in a movie?

So this one is kind of fun.  Are there any characters in books or movies that really had you annoyed and you just wanted them to be written out so you didn’t have to deal with them?  Also for movies, were there any actors/actresses that really had some bad acting during a movie that you couldn’t help but laugh because they were so terrible??

I’m definitely cheating on this one! Bella Swan, oh where to start.  We’ll start with why I found her so annoying while reading the books before I had ever seen the movies.

Bella Swan, Book Version: I got so annoyed with Bella in the book because she couldn’t just flippin decide between Edward or Jacob. Plus I kind of figured that she was going to choose Edward and there she was leading poor Jacob on the whole time!  So frustrating.

Bella Swan, Movie Version: She’s so flippin awkward in the movie.  She never had the awkwardness or mannerisms that Kristen Stewart brought to the movie in my mind while reading the books.  I just felt like sometimes there was bad acting going on and other times she was just flat out annoying and she didn’t capture the Bella that I had thought about while reading the books.  It was a major let down and even though I made myself enjoy the movie I was not as impressed with it as so many others out there.  😦  I do own all of the movies out on DVD right now and I will continue to watch the last two in theaters if that makes up for any of my above comments.  😉

So there you have it…Bella Swan book and movie versions are my most annoying character for different reasons.  LOL.

What is the most annoying character for you in a book or series?  What is the most annoying character for you in a movie? Are there any movies where the character wasn’t the problem it was the acting that annoyed you?


8 responses to “Meme Day 23: Most Annoying Character

  1. Ha, oh sigh Bella, yes she annoyed me.
    Book, George RR MArtin’s series, Daenyrys annoyed me so much that I had to stop reading

  2. Movie Bella! I thought she was perfect originally, but now I am bugged by her. But more so by Edward! He used to be almost sexy in Twilight, but in the other movies now he’s just there and awkward and a little annoying.
    Book – *thinks “annoying…annoying…”* I can’t think of one. I’m sure there have been many but I tend to block them out or forget them quickly.
    Okay, so I went through my ‘read’ list on GR and thought of one. When I read only YA, I read the House of Night series. The two friends who claim to be ‘sisters from another mother’ are annoying. I don’t remember their names, but they were annoying. lol

    • I agree on your analogy of Edward. He is just awkward and there…IDK, I liked him a LOT better in the books. My mind can sometimes create a lot better people then these movies can! I love how you had to really think about an annoying character. If I wouldn’t have cheated I would have had a hard time too but I couldn’t help it. 😛

  3. This one was too easy. Bella from the books and movies. Just useless, if she is not with a guy, she is even more useless. I have heard of a lot of annoying characters in the House Of Night series, now I am scared to start it. I am not going to be reading about slutty teenagers either *pukes*

    • LMAO. “I am not going to be reading about slutty teenagers either.” That’s funny! Yes Bella is pretty useless. I love the Twilight books and I’m down with watching the movies but when annoying characters pop into my mind she is at the top of my list!

  4. Well hello here fellow Bella haters. LOL! Hate’s a strong word so I’ll just say she irks me…a lot.

    Tara on True Blood irks me too….a lot!

    • Yeah Tara on True Blood is annoying! I guess hate is too strong here…maybe…I still enjoyed the books but man I just wanted to jump in the book and slap her around some and tell her to flippin decide already to let Jacob or Edward move on. You can’t have your damn cake and eat it too with two different people.

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