Meme Day 24: Best Quote

What’s the best quote from a book? What’s the best quote from a movie?

I have a terrible memory with quotes from movies or books so this one is going to be hard for me.  It’s going to be hard to remember one that I found amazing enough to call it the best quote…but I’m going to try hard.

So this was actually really hard for me.  I just started paying attention to favorite quotes from books when I started this blog and then I kind of got away from doing that again before this Sookie Stackhouse read.  So the one quote that I can think of off the top of my head that I loved was at the very end of Chapter 4 in Dreamfever…it was a quote talked about by everyone who read the book because it was just that good.  🙂 So here’s the quote:

“You’re leaving me, Rainbow Girl.” ~Jericho Barrons

So  the first thing that pops into peoples minds when I mention that I’m from Kansas is The Wizard of Oz.  You have NO IDEA how many people have quoted this movie to me.  Any time we’ve been on vacation and someone asks we always here something like, “So did you forget Toto?”  “There’s really no place like home right?!” and so on and so forth.  *Rolls Eyes*  So just for the hell of it I decided to go ahead and quote the movie with one of my favorite quotes:

“I’ll get you, my pretty. And your little dog too.” ~ The Wicked Witch of the West

What are some of your favorite quotes from books? Are there any quotes that you remember from movies that you sometimes throw into a conversation? “Beat me up Scotty”, “I’ll be back”, “Yo, Adrian”, “May the force be with you”, just to name a few.

4 responses to “Meme Day 24: Best Quote

  1. Aw mine all time favourite quote is from the Fever series too! Actually I’m going to cheat and post two 😀
    “’Was he is good kisser, Ms. Lane?’ Barrons asked, watching me carefully.
    I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand at the memory. ‘It was like being owned.’
    ‘Some women like that.’
    ‘Not me.’
    ‘Perhaps it depends on the man doing the owning.’
    ‘I doubt it. I couldn’t breathe with him kissing me.’
    ‘One day you may kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find breath is of little consequence.’
    and when dreamy-eyed guy keeps calling Mac ‘Beautiful Girl’! Total love!

    • I love that exchange between Barrons and Mac! LOVE IT! Great pick Ally. I also loved “Beautiful Girl” I don’t really know why but it just sounded good coming out of dreamy-eyed guys mouth! 😀

  2. “You’re leaving me Rainbow Girl” is one of the BEST LINES EVER! I love Ally’s too. I also love:
    “I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came…and I was awakened.” from Lover Awakened and “You called her Kitten? And she let you? She put me in a coma for three days when I called her that! My balls never recovered from her smashing them into my spine!” from One Foot in the Grave. Also “You’ll call me Damon. I see no need for dramatic titles. I, on the other hand will call you beautiful, lover, mine. I’ll call you mine.” from Sweet Persuasion and “He had a bleeding cut on his leg and he smelled like shit.
    Her nose wrinkled. “Step in something?” she asked innocently.
    “That I did not mind.” He took a menacing step toward her. “What I did mind was being hit by a cab, then landing on the lap of a naked man. With an erection, Anya. He had an erection!” from The Darkest Kiss. There are so many more but I don’t want to type them all. I will say this though – KMM and JR Ward are the queens of awesome quotes!

    • Julie you have so many awesome quotes! I really know I’m missing out a lot on the JR Ward front! 😦 Need to read BDB soon! And I love your quote from One Foot in the Grave, that part cracked me up! 😀

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