Some Fun for the Week #16

Another week starting up and only three weeks left in school before summer begins. As a fun post to help you through this week I’m sharing Jesse Williams who is one of the sexy actors from Grey’s Anatomy as well as one funny thing from 8 or so different sites.  ENJOY! 🙂

So here is sexy Jesse Williams. He has caught my eye ever since he started on Grey’s Anatomy and I will watch it just to catch glimpses of him.  Jesse is half Swedish and half African-American.  The thing I love is a dark complected man with blue or green eyes…I think it’s because it is more exotic then what we are normally used to.  Anyway that’s one o fthe major turn ons for me for Jesse plus…well just look at the picture. LOL. 🙂  Hope he puts a smile on your faces!

Some things to make you giggle:
Today, my 4 year old daughter walked in while I was changing my shirt. She said “When I get older I am going to have big boobies just like you.” I am her dad. FML
New term. “Find a husband” fridays. It’s like thirsty thursdays, but with a dowry.

You must wonder if the people who prepared this purpously made the cheese into this shape just to see the reaction of the customer.
This is just creepy:
This is just creepy as hell…looks like she is dead and he just killed her!

Being an animal lover I do realize that a bitch is a female dog but since most people use that as a negative saying I’m surprised authors are still using it…and I love how it’s right by Marley & Me. LMAO!



6 responses to “Some Fun for the Week #16

  1. Actually he looks like he’s bending her over the table and she’s less than impressed with his ‘skills’! 😉
    Great post! 🙂

    • OMG! Now that you mention it that is completely true. I can’t believe that didn’t pop into my head the first time I looked at the picture. LMAO…wow that is funny! Good call Ally!

  2. Thanks for the laughs D. Monday’s are always easier after your fun for the week posts.

  3. OMG I am crying here! That Auto-Correct is hilarious but that wedding photo is what really did it for me! LMAO! Nice job Deanna!

    • LMAO, yes the wedding photo was hilarious! I just couldn’t believe they would ever think of that position for a shot. It was titled “I’ll always watch over you.” A little on the creepy side if you ask me. Glad you enjoyed another edition of the Monday Funday! 😀

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