From Dead to Worse – Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #8)

Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
368 pages
Ace Books
Released: May 2008
Sookie Stackhouse Series #8

3/5 Stars

The 8th installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series did not give readers any break in the hectic life of Sookie and her friends and family.  Sookie learns of a supernatural twist to her family tree that she had no clue about that brings on excitement and trouble.  The Shreveport were pack is split down the middle and when someone starts killing off the women of the pack they must figure out what is going on.  A war ensues for the were’s which has a big impact on their structure and leadership.  The LA vamps are also dealing with a shift in infrastructure that will have an impact on Eric, Pam and Sookie.  Jason also brings Sookie and Calvin to see with their own eyes what has been going on with Crystal that will have huge consequences.  Throughout all these other happenings Quinn, Sookie’s main man, has been out of the picture the whole book…Sookie has been trying to get ahold of him with no luck. Once the ending comes around and the reason is made clear, Sookie decides that it would be best for her and Quinn to go their separate ways.

My Review:
Yep, Charlaine doesn’t let us down in this book on the crazy ups and downs that are happening with everyone surrounding Sookie.  Sookie seems to never get a break for anything and it is proven in this book.  Since Sookie first met Bill her life has been turned upside down and not for the better.

Sookie has learned about Were’s, Shapeshifters, Fairies, and witches all in a span of a few years and with each of these supernatural creatures Sookie is thrown into the middle of their politics and structures.  I feel so bad for Sookie because she hasn’t asked for any of it, it just came with the people she was hanging out with and to tell you the truth she didn’t know about it until it was too late.

I was excited to find out the new family members that she had no clue about especially with how important family is to Sookie.  I was excited to see Sam’s feelings for Sookie show even more.  The fight scene between the Were packs was very exciting but when the new leader for the Shreveport pack was decided I had very mixed feelings between relief and disappointment.  I was very upset about what Jason, Sookie’s own brother, put her through in this book.  I just wanted to slap him.  I mean I understand why he did what he did at first but man up and take responsibility for what is happening in your own damn life!  I feel the Louisiana vampire take over was very disappointing.  You get built up for something terrible happening and within about a page everything is decided and that’s it.

The one thing that is so tough about the Sookie books is there is so many plot lines, you literally jump from one topic to the next to the next without any sort of break.  I think they are well written in the sense that you don’t get lost but every once in a while a reader could use a break.  Of course you are emotionally going through everything with Sookie and you just want her to have some kind of happy ending and maybe she will get that at the end of the series but right now it doesn’t look like there is an end in sight for the bad things happening to her.

Bottom Line: This was a good book, it wasn’t the best out of all of the books so far…it starts getting a bit emotionally draining for the reader who just wants to see something good happen to Sookie that stays good and doesn’t end up turning on her in the end.

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From Dead to Worse

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2 responses to “From Dead to Worse – Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #8)

  1. Your 3 looks so sad 😦 Poor 3, why are you so sad

    • LOL, my 3 looks so sad cuz I’m sad for Sookie. My review for book 9 isn’t ganna look much better. I love the books and I love all the action but I feel so bad for all the crap Sookie has to go through all the time. It’s like she’s never going to have her HEA! 😦

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