Meme Day 26: OMG, WTF? Plot

OMG, WTF was that plot in this book?  OMG, WTF was that plot in this movie?

The way I interpret this is that it is a plot that you just didn’t understand.  You had no clue what was going on and when you finished it you didn’t see the point to it at all.

I think I have been very lucky with my reading.  I honestly can’t think of a book that I have read that I didn’t understand the plot or when the entire purpose of the book was made clear I didn’t understand it and at least respect it.  So I’ll have to rely on you all to come up with some of these.

I will say sorry right now to anyone that liked this movie but I HATED it!  I don’t understand why this movie won any Golden Globe nominations.  It was terrible.  There was no point to the movie except that this girl was completely psycho and needed to be put on medication!  It was one of those movies that the entire time my friend and I kept saying, “WTF is going on?!?!?!”  Then when the movie was over we just kind of looked at each other and said, “Was that the end?  What the heck was the point of that movie? I have no clue how to feel about it!”  Yep, still don’t understand the point except the fact that the lead girl was nuts and had some psychotic episodes…she needed some meds!

Have you read any books where at the end you just said, “OMG, WTF was that plot?” What about movies?  Have you seen any movies were you just didn’t understand what the purpose was?

6 responses to “Meme Day 26: OMG, WTF? Plot

  1. Aw, c’mon D! Why you gotta hate on the Black Swan?! LOL!

    WTF book plot – it’s not so much that I didn’t understand it it’s more like it came out of left field – Coulters’ Woman by Maya Banks.

    WTF movie plot – Hmm….haven’t seen anything recently that left me baffled. Which reminds me that I need to start going to the movies more.

    • Yeah that’s another good point. The OMG, WTF? Plot can be one that came out of left field and instead of leaving you surprised and enjoying it, it left you baffled that they would ever go there.

      It does sound like you need to start going to the movies more…or at least make good use of Netflix!

      Were you a big fan of Black Swan?

  2. WTF movie plot? Man I got bunches of those. I could probably go on for days about this one. But one of many I hated was The Forgotten. The movie starts off like your usual mystery/thriller where a woman is trying to find her missing son and out of nowhere we find out that aliens took him? WTF? It was like they didn’t know how to end the movie, so they added aliens in it as a last resort to make the movie somewhat interesting and trust me, that didn’t even help. This movie was just awful and stupid as hell.

    WTF book plot? For me would have to be book 10 of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Dead in the Family. There wasn’t much of a plot to me. We don’t seem to focus enough on what is going on with the were pack, we focus on the random arrival of Eric’s maker and his “son” and neither one of them are really important to the story. The book is rushed and short and for me, it just didn’t go anywhere 😦

    • I completely agree with you about The Forgotten! It was awful and stupid as hell. It was like they wanted to make a movie just to make a movie without putting any real thought or effort behind it. I didn’t like it at all!

      I will also agree with you on Dead in the Family. The only real reason I can completely agree with you on this is because I don’t remember it at all! It was so disappointing that I can’t remember all the events that happened in it. Hopefully the next 3 books will redeem book 10.

  3. When I read Day of the Dragon, I was wondering why the author felt that there was much plot. Same with Cooking Up a Storm. I know there was the semblance of a plot for both of these books, but I still scratched my head at the end of them.
    Movie…no clue. As per usual. Can you tell I really don’t watch many movies anymore?… lol

    • Haha, yes I can tell you can’t really watch many movies anymore. You and Jason need to have more movie date nights I do believe! 😉 I haven’t heard of either of those books but I hate when you get to the end of a book or movie and you are sitting there thinking, what the heck was the point of that?!?!

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