Meme Day 27: Favorite Non-mainstream Writer & Director

Favorite non-mainstream writer? Favorite non-mainstream director?

The way I interpret this is thinking of authors that aren’t well known to everyone in a particular genre (or the world).  Like J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Karen Marie Moning, Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Nicolas Sparks, etc…would all be considered mainstream for me.  LOTS of people have heard about them and have talked about them.  So these are people that not a lot of people no about and maybe they should.  😀

For my favorite non-mainstream writer I would say Susan Richards who is the author of Chosen by a Horse.  I loved this book and I have two more of her books sitting on my self TBR, Saddled and Chosen Forever.  I am very excited to dig into them and that will happen this summer *crossing fingers*.  Most of the books that I am reading are by authors that are very popular and everyone has been talking about them.  I can’t wait to discover new authors who haven’t gotten their feet completely wet in the industry of writing.

Yep this is the 3rd time during this entire meme that I am using this lovely graphic.  I had mentioned before that I don’t know directors very well.  I think it’s terrible and something I need to educate myself on a little better.  Yes the actors are great and yes the plot line is wonderful but it wouldn’t be anything without wonderful writers and directors to bring the whole thing together.  This is like reading books for the characters and plot lines without giving credit to the author who poured their whole self into the book!

What are some of your favorite non-mainstream authors?  What are some of your favorite non-mainstream directors (Diana, I’m looking at your for this one!)?

4 responses to “Meme Day 27: Favorite Non-mainstream Writer & Director

  1. Favorite non-mainstream writer? I haven’t read a lot of indie books to be honest 😦 But one I love is H.P. Mallory. She is fresh and funny, and thanks to the Internet, I know who she is and I know she is awesome 🙂

    Favorite non-mainstream director? That is easy. For me, it is between David Lynch and Gus Van Sant. They both make amazing indie films that simple and yet wonderful. I am pretty big on indie films, so this one was easy for me LOL!

    • I’ve never heard of H.P. Mallory, I’ll have to check her out. 🙂 I knew you wouldn’t let me down in the non-mainstream director area. I’ll have to check them out since I don’t really watch much indie.

  2. Clueless here too. Although what is ‘mainstream’ exactly? Smaller than JR Ward or Nora Roberts or any writer that is self-published?
    I recently finished Stolen Dreams by Stacey Kennedy. It’s an indie and I really enjoyed it.

    • Yeah I think of mainstream as the authors that you hear about all the time from other bloggers. Especially authors who have gotten their books made into movies and such. The other mainstreamers are the ones that have been around for ever and keep getting published, I mean if they keep getting published it’s because there is a high demand for their books, right?!

      I’ll have to check out Stolen Dreams by Stacey Kennedy!

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