Meme Day 29: Current Book & Movie Obsession

What is your current book obsession? What is your current movie obsession?

This is kind of self explanatory. What book or series do I think of right now that I just want to read and get my hands on. What movie right now has been on my mind that I have watched but could watch about 20 more times?

So right now it’s probably pretty obvious what my current obsession is.  Rereading the books and waiting for the release of book 11 in the series (May 3…only 4 days away).  Doing my first giveaway based on the books and I am almost through book 10!  I’ll be completely caught up with my reread and starting on book 11 sometime at the beginning of May.  Jen and I’s discussion will wrap up this weekend, I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks already!  I’m very excited to see everyone unleash and start talking about what they think is going to happen in the overall series when Charlaine finishes it.  😀  Yep, it’s my current book obsession!

My current movie obsession is by far P.S. I Love You!  I saw this a couple of years ago for a girls night and I’ve been in love with it ever since!  🙂  I had talked about it on one of my meme posts a few days ago for Your Favorite Fictional Romantic Relationship and after that, this past weekend, it was on Lifetime.  Well now I just want to watch it all the time!  I love the movie so much.  It’s sweet and makes me smile A LOT!  🙂

What are your current book obsessions at the moment?  What are your favorite movie obsessions right now at this moment in time?

4 responses to “Meme Day 29: Current Book & Movie Obsession

  1. I don’t have a movie obsession right now….and I suck because I don’t remember the last one I had. lol
    As for books, I have too much to read to get ‘obsessed’ with any one thing. Pre-blogging I was able to get stuck on books and a series and read it multiple times in a row…but not anymore. lol

    • Yeah that makes a lot of sense. It’s true when you have a bunch of TBR books in a pile calling your name you can’t just get stuck on a book or series. But at least you have several books that you can really enjoy at the time and share with your blog readers (like me). 🙂 I can’t believe how many books you’ve reviewed and really enjoyed that I have added to my own TBR pile!

  2. Current book obsession? Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn. One of the best books I have read. Seriously, it is the way I want my vampires, scary enough to be in a horror movie, but hot as hell.

    Current movie obsession? Thor! I can’t wait to see this movie (Marvel films are usually pretty amazing) and I have been looking at pictures of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth for weeks. YES!!!

    • LOL. I really want to read Tessa Dawn’s books and I’m happy to hear you are really enjoying them! 🙂 As for your current movie obsession, add me to that list! I can’t wait to see Thor and yes, shirtless and sexy Chris Hemsworth might be a HUGE part of the reason I really want to watch the movie! 😀

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