Meme Day 30: Saddest Character Death

The saddest character death in a book? The saddest character death in a movie?

This one is going to be hard for me in both categories.  I do have one character in mind for a book that I was very upset about…well actually two…ok maybe three.  So I might just cheat on this post (hey, I’ve cheated on others AND this is my last post…I deserve a little cheating right??!!).   The movie will also be very difficult just cause I’ve watched so many damn movies that it will be hard to really separate them out and just pick a couple that really made me sad…but I think I’ll survive. 😛

**Spoiler ALERT** This will contain spoilers to the following books and movies:

-Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost
-This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
-The Harry Potter Series (if you are still living under a rock and haven’t watched the movies or read the books)
-Pay it Forward (movie)
-The Green Mile (movie)

Rodney’s death in this book just killed me! I was so happy that Cat’s mother had finally started to open up about the supernatural world and accept it a bit more and it was all because of Rodney’s love for her.  Then when Justine was turned I knew that he would be an even bigger help to her in accepting what she had become.  I loved him!  He was awesome, amazing, sweet, sturdy and just a well-rounded guy Ghoul.  When he was killed my heart just sank. Very upsetting!

I bawled my eyes out when Don, Cat’s uncle, passed away in this book!  I couldn’t believe how I reacted to his passing.  I mean, he wasn’t always the nicest guy (when they first met) but he really grew on you.  He loved Cat and wanted the best for her, that is why he didn’t tell her that he was dying from cancer.  When he passed while Cat and Bones were trying to renew their vows and let him give her away I was gone.  I had to stop reading the book for a little bit to collect myself.  I mean I wasn’t all out sobbing but I had tears rolling down my face and swelled up in my eyes. It really pulled at my heart strings!  😦

Dumbledore’s death in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince really got to me too.  It got to me more when I read the book then when I watched the movie since I had read the books before they had ever been made into movies and the way he died in my head was completely different then what happened in the movie.  I was very sad that Harry’s mentor was gone when things were really starting to heat up and I felt he was needed most.  You really grew to love and respect Dumbledore and then bam, he’s just gone.  😦

This is an amazing movie! If you haven’t seen it you really should…but then of course I told you that it’s a spoiler alert so maybe you won’t even read this.  Anyways. A school project leads to an amazing concept of doing something nice for someone that will eventually keep trickling through peoples lives, even something small to you might mean the world to someone else.  The part where Trevor (Haley Joel Osment) dies just gets me every stinking time!

This is also another great movie that you should see! An inmate accused of a crime who has a special gift that no one really understands or knows about.  It’s amazing!  But when John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) is electricuted it just kills you! Very sad but it really goes to show how movies can make you really connect with characters to the point of crying your eyes out over their death.  You might know it’s not for real but you just can’t help it!

Ok, I’ve mentioned this movie before as a movie that I wish more people had seen…well I wasn’t kidding! When Richard Gere’s character you are really sad.  You cry, but it’s not completely over the loss of Richard Gere’s character, it is how it affects his dog that really gets to you!  I mean this dog that is so loyal that even when his owner doesn’t show up at their normal “after work meeting spot” he continues to go and never falters!  Watch this movie but have an empty house (so no one makes fun of you) and a whole box of tissues because you’ll cry, you’ll cry a lot, and you’ll be a better person for it!  😀

Ok, now it’s your turn!  What are some of the saddest character deaths for you in a book?  What about some of the saddest character deaths in movies? Come on everyone, this is the last meme post for awhile…go big or GO HOME.  😛


8 responses to “Meme Day 30: Saddest Character Death

  1. I hate hate hated that The guy in The Time Traveller’s wife died, I just cried and cried when I read it and refuse to watch the movie

    • Oh that is very sad to hear. I haven’t read the book or watched the movie. I have the movie on my to be watched list so I’ll probably still check out one or the other some day.

  2. Harry Potter and Marley and Me oh and P.S I Love You film wise. I’m waiting to read Little Women and I think that might make me cry too!

    • Marley and Me was very sad too! P.S. I Love You did make me sad when the husband died but it’s hard for me to put that as the saddest character death because it was such a wonderful movie after his passing. Oh I just love that movie! (if you couldn’t tell from all my meme gushing about it, tehehe). I haven’t read Little Women yet either but I have heard it’s a good book and it should be on my TBR list if I haven’t placed it there yet…going to look now. 🙂

  3. Hands down without a doubt Kisten in Kim Harrison’s Hollows series. It still hurts to think about it.

    OMG…I so agree with Pay It Forward. *sob*

  4. Dumbledore. Hands down for me it’s him. But I also have to mention Barrons. Well, when we thought Barrons was dead. That was just painful to read. Oh, and the death in City of Glass that I won’t tell you about since you have yet to read that series. 😉

    • I do agree with Barrons, it was very sad when we thought he was dead. Man that was emotional! LOL, now I haven’t read that series yet but after all of the talk I keep seeing on it I really do need to check it out soon! 😀

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