Happy Mother’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  I hope everyone has an awesome day celebrating your Mother and what she has given you in this life!  I also hope that all you Mother’s out there are receiving some wonderful gifts and love from your family in celebration of all you do year-round for your families!

My Happy Mother’s Day goes out to my wonderful Mother who has been there for me through all of my ups and downs.  I also want to celebrate all Mother’s out there from the Mother’s who can be their for their children on a daily basis, to the Mother’s who have lost a pregnancy or a child.  I want to celebrate the women who have given up their babies for adoption.  You might be a Birthmom but you are a Mother in my eyes.  I know that I am a Birthmom so it might be easier for me to say this but Birthmom’s have made a sacrifice and have placed their babies needs before their own.  For whatever reason it just wasn’t right for the baby to stay with their Birthmom at the time and I have complete respect for their decision.  I want to celebrate the adoptive Mother’s as well!  You chose adoption for whatever reason and for that you chose to bring a child that might not be yours by blood into your family and raise it with all of the love in the world and that right there makes you amazing! 

Every Mother in every capacity who has love for their children to put their needs first is an amazing woman and deserves to be recognized year round!  😀


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