Dead in the Family – Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #10)

Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
311 pages
Ace Books
Released: May 2010
Sookie Stackhouse Series #10

3/5 Stars

Sookie Stackhouse somehow survived the Faery War, but life never seems to get easy for Bon Temps’ telepathic (but tip-poor) barmaid. In the tenth instalment of Charlaine Harris’s resilient Southern Vampire series, Sookie and heartthrob Eric Northman come under intense regal scrutiny, but there are dangers even closer at hand: The doors to Faery slammed shut before some Fae were able to return and they’re holding Sookie very personally responsible.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed how this book started out showing us how all of the events that happened at the end of book 9 had really taken their toll on our poor Sookie.  She was kind of in a daze at first trying to piece her life back together and figure out how to be happy again…I know if I had all of this stuff happen to me in such a short amount of time I would probably feel the same way.

This book had a lot less of the bad event after bad event occurring from the VERY VERY VERY beginning but it still had several story lines and plots.  Charlaine has held true to that from the very beginning of her series, having several events occur within a 300 page novel, and I think it’s starting to eat at her fans.  You have such conflicting feelings with this occurence since on one hand you are annoyed by it and just want something good to happen but on the other hand you can’t stop reading them because you are so emotionally invested in the series. 

Sookie is still with Eric in this book. Eric is still dealing with the evil Victor that is out to take down Eric and his followers.  Bill is still so very sick in this book from his silver poisoning and doesn’t make a lot of appearances due to his weakened state.  Sam is dating a new woman who is from the werepack in Shreveport.  Alcide makes a huge request of Sookie to help him out.  Claude, her fairy cousin, moves in with her when we don’t completely understand his intentions.  Sookie gets to be with Hunter more to help him understand and grasp his “gift”.  Jason has finally seemed to have settled down and has a good woman by his side.  So much more occurs and again, all within a little over 300 pages.  It can be very overwhelming at times.

The ending of this book was again a bit rushed…you actually had to read it a couple of times to make sure you hadn’t missed anything and the very end leaves you with a sense of *humph*.

Charlaine does do a good job of writing in a historical event and figure…I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe him but I don’t really know another way to.  I enjoyed the interactions between Sookie and little Hunter.  I liked that Bill could finally reveal himself to his living relatives which took a huge weight off his shoulders.  A few new characters were brought into the story and you were also able to learn more about characters that have been consistent throughout the series.

I’m definitely ready to see where Charlaine is heading with this series and how she is going to end it for her readers. The main thing she has going for us right now is the element of surprise.  She can really take this anyway she wants even thought I (along with probably everyone else) hopes she ends it the way I want her to since about book 4 or 5.  LOL.

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  1. Oh I have not read this one, I really should learn to keep track 😉 One day one day

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