Weekly Update May 8-15

This will be a pretty short and sweet update…I think. 😛  Just giving you a little over view of my week and what is to come the next week and a couple of plans for my blog that I am very excited to reveal to you all!  A new review type and a plan for monthly theme’s/challenges for myself to keep me on track of my TBR list piles.

So this last week was good since it was the last week of the semester and one of my bestfriends had her baby girl as of 8:12 am, Friday, May 13th!  I have been made a proud aunt yet again and I’m so excited about it!  Lena Michelle was 8 lbs 3oz and 21 inches long.  They had to use the vacuum so she will probably shrink just a bit, but she is as healthy and beautiful as ever!  😀  Of course I might be a little biased on this statement!  😛

I want to remind everyone that a huge reveal on my site is occurring on May 23 that I am oh so excited about and only a handful of my fellow blogger friends knows about it.  😀  It’s top-secret stuff I tell you!  But I hope everyone will check that out along with checking on Julie’s (Yummy Men and Kickass Chicks) one year blog anniversary that week!

A new review type I will be starting to integrate into my site will include a comparison review for any books I read that have a movie that go along with them.  I have decided that since I write book and movie reviews why not add a review on how I feel about the movies that were made from a book?  I will have my very first post this week on a book I finished Yesterday which movie I plan on watching this weekend.

I have also decided to do some sort of theme or challenge for myself every month.  This month will not have one due to the big reveal but since April was my 30 day meme month and I already have something planned for July here is what my month themes/challenges will be the next few months:
May: Big Reveal
June: Only reading books on my bookshelf right now
July: Christmas in July
August: Only reading books located on my Kindle

For next week here is the tentative schedule:
Sunday: Some Book Confessions that apply to me and why
Monday: Some Fun for the Week
Tuesday: Book Review – Water for Elephants
Wednesday: Movie Review – Water for Elephants
Thursday: Comparison Review for Water for Elephants
Friday: Day off for more big reveal preps…
Saturday: Brief weekly update
Sunday: More Book Confessions


6 responses to “Weekly Update May 8-15

  1. I am so very curious 😀 Do not keep us waiting too long

    • Haha, don’t worry about too long of a wait…just one more week. I have a lot of work to do on my end before then but I’m really hoping that everything will work out just right. 😀

  2. This all sounds like a lot of fun can’t wait to see what it’s all like when you’re done 🙂

    • I can’t wait to do the reveal! I can’t believe it’s only a week away now. Eek! I have a lot of work to do and all I want to do is read right now due to being out of school and having so much free time!

  3. A big reveal, huh? Dying of curiosity now…. 😉

    • Haha, well you only have to wait 2 days. I’m dying to reveal it! It’s causing me pain to keep it in longer…but I can’t let it out yet. 😛 I hope everyone enjoys it as much as me.

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