About Me

My life motto: So Many Books, So Little Time!!!!

I am a 24-year-old college student.  I am working on achieving my degree in Animal Science and Industry plus an Equine Science Certificate (horse stuff).  I should graduate December 2011 (almost there!!!) and after college I would like to become a Police Officer and then become an Officer in the K-9 division. 

I am a birthmother to a handsome baby boy who is now over a year old (as of October 21). I blog about him here.  I picked out a wonderful family for him and I love them very much!

I have a wonderful family, a small but great group of friends, and the busiest life I think anyone should ever have!  I work two part-time jobs (well part-time during the school year) one for a consulting firm as a sales person and the other is at the University Police Department in dispatch on the weekends.  I am taking 12 hours (3 classes) this semester, blah.  I also take Taekwondo classes and a kick boxing class.  I am trying to get back into shape for my Police officer work so I try to eat right and exercise on a regular basis (a lot easier said then done). 

I love, love, love, LOVE to read!  I read almost every kind of book but my favorite are the books that really let me get lost in them!  I also really enjoy book series, there is just something about going along with characters and getting to know them more and more through each book…so much better than getting to know them for a book and then that’s it.  This fact about me is probably also why I get sucked into TV series so easily!

Some of my favorite reads…the Harry Potter series, The Twilight Series, The Sookie Stackhouse novels, and The Night Huntress Novels.  I am also going to start working through Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Mystery books and that makes me even more excited!

I have not really gotten into the blogging world as best as I can so I am trying to do a wordpress account for a more personalized feel.  I hope you enjoy my reviews (I’m working on them) and am open for any suggestions on anything!  🙂

Posting Schedule
Sundays: Blast from the Past or Randomness
Mondays: Some Fun for the Week
Tuesdays: Book Review
Wednesdays: News, randomness or question
Thursdays: School/Career Update
Fridays: Book Review
Saturdays: Weekly Update


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