Christmas In July – 2011

So this coming July I have decided that I’m going to make it my Christmas before Christmas month.  I am going to make the majority of my book reviews based on Christmas stories.  I’m going to make the majority of my movie reviews about Christmas movies.  I’m even going to have fun posts that are all Christmas themed from my Some Fun for the Week posts to my Randomness posts!  I might even have a few giveaways for people to keep their eye open for.  I don’t know how well this will go over with the blogging community, but Christmas is my favorite holiday and time of the year and sometimes I can’t wait till December to get into the spirit!

Some things to look forward to…
Book Reviews:


Movie Reviews:


After all that has been said, I am now really, really, REALLY in the holiday spirit and it is going to be very hard to try to ignore this strong urge I have to now curl up next to a fire, wrapped in a blanket, eating caramel popcorn, listening to NSync’s Christmas album and watching ABC Family’s 25 Day’s of Christmas!



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