Sookie Stackhouse Read Along

Join Jen from Not Now…I’m Reading and I for the Sookie Stackhouse read along!

  • The goal of our read-along is to brush up on the details of books 1 through 10 so we’re refreshed and ready for the release of Dead Reckoning on May 3rd.
  • We’ll be reading a book a week and holding discussions every Sunday starting February 27th.  This will be a great place for all Sookie fans (older or newer) to come together and discuss the books including what they liked or didn’t like and ideas they have.
  • Jen and I will take turns hosting the discussions.  Five will go down here and five will go down at her blog.
  • Don’t feel obligated to re-read all the books.  Join us for as many books as you’d like and/or have time for.
  • As discussions are occuring/completed you make click on the book title below for a quick link to that discussion to either participate in it or re-read what was discussed!

Here’s what we’re hoping the final discussion schedule will look like:

Book Date Hosted by
Dead Until Dark February 27th Deanna
Living Dead in Dallas March 6th Jen
Club Dead March 13th Deanna
Dead to the World March 20th Deanna
Dead as a Doornail March 27th Jen
Definitely Dead April 3rd Jen
All Together Dead April 10th Deanna
From Dead to Worse April 17th Jen
Dead and Gone April 24th Deanna
Dead in the Family May 1st Jen

**Please note that during each discussion the only books that can be referenced are (a) the one the dicussion is originally about and (b) the books previous to it.  We don’t want any spoilers from the future books to sneak in for those individuals who are reading this series for the first time.**


6 responses to “Sookie Stackhouse Read Along

  1. Dates have been added to my calendar. Hope to make all the days. Thank you hon 🙂

  2. Diana – Yay! I hope you can make all the days too. You’ve read the series already right? If you don’t feel like re-reading them I know Jen and I are planning on putting some discussion questions and such together that should help refresh your memory about what happened during each book.

  3. Sorry, I missed the reply (Fail 😦 ) Nonetheless, I have read the entire series and I definitely hope to make all the days. I know we will get to all those questions, I remember bunches from this. Can’t wait.

    • Haha, no problem! I sometimes miss replys from my comments as well! But I’m happy to see you will hopefully make the discussions. I am excited to have others to bounce ideas and questions off to see what they are thinking! I can’t wait either. 🙂

  4. Thanks Diana for the recommendation! I’m going to try to stop in on the conversation Sunday. I Love Eric, er I mean, Sookie!

    • I’m so glad that Diana recommended another fan of the series to our discussions. I know a couple other girls who are very interested in joining and are hoping to jump in on the discussion either this Sunday or the next. 🙂 We always love to see what other people are thinking in this series as we go back through them.

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