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Weekly Update May 8-15

This will be a pretty short and sweet update…I think. 😛  Just giving you a little over view of my week and what is to come the next week and a couple of plans for my blog that I am very excited to reveal to you all!  A new review type and a plan for monthly theme’s/challenges for myself to keep me on track of my TBR list piles.

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Weekly Update – April 10-16

Well my brain is completely frazzled…I mean I just can’t seem to think straight this time of the year.  Between work, school, work and trying to keep up on reading, my blog, my friends blogs and a somewhat active social life my brain becomes very scrambled…so this will be short.  LOL

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Weekly Update – April 3-10

I’m a little behind on posting this week already due to my crazy weekend! Today will consist of this post and 2 Meme posts. And then hopefully we’ll start getting on track from there.  Had a wonderful meeting with my Son and his parents and then a great time at one of my best friends baby showers.  This will be a quick update…

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Some Fun for the Week #15

Since WresleMania was just last night and it was a HUGE event for all us wrestling fans *Cough* – Jen – *Cough* – Diana – *Cough*…sorry about my coughing fit, must be coming down with a cold. 😛  I am featuring some sexy men from WWE! Trust me ladies, these will be VERY drool worthy, so put on your bibs and DIG IN! 😀 **CONTENT WARNING: If you continue reading, understand it features a lot of muscle, testosterone and maybe even some oil, TEHEHE** Continue reading

Weekly Update – March 27 – April 2

This weeks update will include some information on my Equine Repro class foaling project, the reading that did not occur (damn), the start of my first meme, my up-in-coming week posts, and a little snippet of my 3rd visitation with my birth-son and his parents.  Lots of things going on and I’ll try to make this all very short! 😀

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Weekly Update – March 20-26

Well this past week was Spring Break so I got a wonderful break from school…the only problem is that I got in a bit of a reading slump which was very depressing since this week would have been the perfect time to read a book a day and be ahead of the times, for once, on my reviews.  I did have a good week but the reality of school and being busy is going to start back up.

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Weekly Update – March 13-19

This past week had me in a little bit of a daze between my weekend off at work and gearing up for Spring Break.  I was not able to make it to my planned movie last weekend or keep up on my reading but I’m hoping that this next week of no school will allow me to catch up a bit in the reading department and the sanity department. 🙂

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