Some Fun for the Week #15

Since WresleMania was just last night and it was a HUGE event for all us wrestling fans *Cough* – Jen – *Cough* – Diana – *Cough*…sorry about my coughing fit, must be coming down with a cold. šŸ˜›Ā  I am featuring some sexy men from WWE! Trust me ladies, these will be VERY drool worthy, so put on your bibs and DIG IN! šŸ˜€ **CONTENT WARNING: If you continue reading, understand it features a lot of muscle, testosterone and maybe even some oil, TEHEHE**

Welcome to one HUGE reason women enjoy watching wrestling:

Randy Orton:

John Cena:

John Morrison:

The Miz:

The Rock:



Evan Bourne:


8 responses to “Some Fun for the Week #15

  1. Wow… Wrestlers sure look different from when I knew them. You know, back in the Hulk Hogan and Roddy Roddy Piper. LOL

    • LOL, yes there are still guys that remind me of the good-ol-days of wrestling but they have improved overall with some very hot ones. This isn’t even all of them that are good looking, I just had to get to work and couldn’t spend any more time looking them all up. LOL. šŸ˜‰

  2. LOL!! Oh Julie…you’re so cute. But they definitely have come a very very long way.

    Thanks D! I needed a hot man fix.

  3. Those top two pictures make that guy look so oily! Ewwww! Make him take a bath šŸ˜€
    The Rock! Le sigh.

    • LMAO! I at least put a disclaimer in that there would be oil beyond the top point if you kept reading…I’m not sure I’d make Randy take a shower…I’d just use the oil to my advantage. šŸ˜› Yep, I just said that. Tehehe.

  4. I posted that Randy Orton pic on my Tumblr a couple of months ago and I still stare at it. Thank you God! Seriously great pics. I am so with you hon, use the oil, it is only fair. He can’t walk around like that and not expect it LOL! Man his wife is lucky as hell!

    You should have posted some Drew McIntyre too. He is gorgeous! And those dimples?! Ah man, it is too much to handle LOL! You are so right though, this is why women watch wrestling. Glad Vince remembers us LOL!

    • LOL, yeah and Julie posted the pic of Randy Orton a couple weeks ago when she was talking about famous men who would make good werewolves. It’s so flippin HOT and yes, his wife is VERY lucky! šŸ™‚

      It was so hard to get all of the handsome guys from wrestling down. It takes forever to look them all up and find the perfect pictures that I wanted to place on my blog. šŸ˜¦ So I missed a lot of guys I really wanted to put on here like: Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Stone Cold, Cody Rhodes, and a few others I’m completely blanking on *slaps forehead*.

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