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30 Day Meme Wrap-up

After my very first Meme EVER I decided I wanted to do a little Meme wrap up of the books and movies that my fellow bloggers and friends had talked about that I haven’t yet read or watched. This wrap-up will NOT include every post that was involved, only the ones that had suggestions of actual books or movies.  This will be a good reference for me to use to remember a) what was suggested and b) who suggested it.  My plan is to read and watch all of the books and movies and get back to the suggester on what I thought of them. 🙂 Each Meme day I received good feedback on books or movies that I should look into I will share with you The Book or Movie Title and in () will be who suggested it to me. If it is slashed out that means I have already read or watched it. ENJOY!

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Meme Day 30: Saddest Character Death

The saddest character death in a book? The saddest character death in a movie?

This one is going to be hard for me in both categories.  I do have one character in mind for a book that I was very upset about…well actually two…ok maybe three.  So I might just cheat on this post (hey, I’ve cheated on others AND this is my last post…I deserve a little cheating right??!!).   The movie will also be very difficult just cause I’ve watched so many damn movies that it will be hard to really separate them out and just pick a couple that really made me sad…but I think I’ll survive. 😛

**Spoiler ALERT** This will contain spoilers to the following books and movies:

-Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost
-This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
-The Harry Potter Series (if you are still living under a rock and haven’t watched the movies or read the books)
-Pay it Forward (movie)
-The Green Mile (movie)

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Meme Day 29: Current Book & Movie Obsession

What is your current book obsession? What is your current movie obsession?

This is kind of self explanatory. What book or series do I think of right now that I just want to read and get my hands on. What movie right now has been on my mind that I have watched but could watch about 20 more times?

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Meme Day 28: First Book & Movie Obsession

What was your first book obsession?  What was your first movie obsession?

What was your first book or series that you just couldn’t stop talking about and you wanted to read them over and over and over again and you just knew you wouldn’t get tired of them?  What about a movie that you watched and you loved it so much that you had to watch it over and over and over and you ended up running out your VHS Tape or DVD?  That is what I think about when I think of this question and this one is pretty darn easy for me. 😀

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Meme Day 27: Favorite Non-mainstream Writer & Director

Favorite non-mainstream writer? Favorite non-mainstream director?

The way I interpret this is thinking of authors that aren’t well known to everyone in a particular genre (or the world).  Like J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Karen Marie Moning, Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Nicolas Sparks, etc…would all be considered mainstream for me.  LOTS of people have heard about them and have talked about them.  So these are people that not a lot of people no about and maybe they should.  😀

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Meme Day 26: OMG, WTF? Plot

OMG, WTF was that plot in this book?  OMG, WTF was that plot in this movie?

The way I interpret this is that it is a plot that you just didn’t understand.  You had no clue what was going on and when you finished it you didn’t see the point to it at all.

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Meme Day 25: Plan to Read and Watch

A book you plan to read? A movie you plan to watch?

As most of you know now I love watching movies and reading books.  I have SEVERAL of both on my TBR list and my TBW list!  So trying to narrow it down to just one is very hard.  But I’m going to slightly cheat on this one too.  😀 Tehehehe…

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