Bookfessions #2

Thanks again Bookfessions for this awesome images that speak to the heart and mind of any obsessive reader out there! 😀

There is nothing worse than having a book you really want to read or you’re reading it and someone tells you how it will end.  It makes me very angry and I might plot that persons murder in my head.  Especially when the books ending is something that is very surprising and actually reading it without someone ruining the surprise makes the book that much better.  Water for Elephants had an amazing ending that I wasn’t expecting and if someone would have told me how it ended I would have been one pissed off woman.  😛

I will admit that all of my wonderful English classes and my love of the English language has made me a bit anal.  I know that I personally put typos in my posts that I might not catch when posting but when I read one in a book I get very irritated and it makes me lose focus on what I’m reading.  I literally have to stop reading, remind myself that typos happen (hello, I do them all the time) and then start reading again.  If I do not do this and keep reading I completely miss everything that has happened in the book and get completely lost.  😦

Yep, it’s true.  I will eventually read the books that are on my bookshelf but in the process of getting one book read I buy another 5 books which always keeps me way behind in actually catching up and reading all of the books on my bookshelf.  Now if we are talking about accumulating books on my TBR list on Goodreads…well that is a different story!  I don’t think I’ll ever have less than 200 books on that list that I would like to read thanks to all of my friends wonderful reviews!

Along with accumulating more books than I can read this is a huge problem as well.  Right now, since I’m back to living with my parents, I have a small bookshelf that is bursting at the seams.  I have books stacked up behind the books at the front “on display” and I have books stacked on top of my displayed books.  I even have books I had to put in storage because they would take up too much room in on my shelf for all of the new ones that I have been buying.  Can’t wait to get my own place and have a bigger bookshelf.  LOL.

Do any of you have any of these same problems??


5 responses to “Bookfessions #2

  1. Not the typo, I honestly do not care about those, but the 2 other ones YES

  2. All of these relate to me. I am with you Deanna, I hate typos, they can be very distracting. The third one is a definite top for me. Hey, can’t say a booklovers’ life is boring, there is always something worth checking out 🙂

    • Haha, I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this. I saw that you mentioned being annoyed with the last book by Charlaine Harris and some typos. I have felt that way about the whole series…thanks to Julie though for pointing out why they occur and how it’s not the authors fault, it’s still annoying! And yes, I must agree that a book lover’s life is not a boring one. 😀

  3. YES to all but the typo. An occasional typo is forgivable, but what’s worse is grammatical errors. Those shouldn’t have passed the editors desk.

    Just yesterday, a friend of mine very accidentally spoiled the ending of the last book in a trilogy that I haven’t yet read. She felt SO terrible about it that I couldn’t be mad… but I am kinda sad that I know the ending now.

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